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    You should have a large and prominate button for your list on the Home Page very easy to see and find. Right now you have to hunt for your lists when that is where you will go to the most and fastest
    Posted by Mark Clabaugh  to  Quill.com Website  on 7/10/2019
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    We are an ofice of 2 people.  When we need to order supplies, even when we "need a lot", it almost NEVER is enough to qualify for free gifts or anything.  It would be be great if you offfered something "special" for SMALL offices.  
    Posted by abrk  to  Quill.com Website  on 3/01/2019
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    Quill.com should have an option to cancel or edit an existing order that hasn't shipped. I have had to revise and or cancel several orders but was forced to call customer service to do this. An option should be added to the my account section section under order history.
    Posted by Federal Direct  to  Quill.com Website  on 12/29/2014
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    Give customers a chance every Friday to win FREE GIFTS when they complete a review on one of Quills products, that they have purchase in the last 6 months.
    Posted by deanadear  to  Quill.com Website  on 3/01/2019
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    We just came on board as a Quill customer less then a month ago and yes, we do find great deals on certain items. It would be ideal to offer at least 20% or 15% percent off each order with no minium sometimes small businesses don't need so many items at once or we stumble across some last minute items and we have to hestitate due to the shipping only being free after $45. Customers love to feel appreciated and thought of regardless of the size of the order and quantity.
    Posted by JessEP  to  Quill.com Website  on 6/14/2019
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    When I purchase I am constantly shopping around with other office/janitorial supply vendors.  It would make my life much easier if when I viewed a product on the website that was a case/carton/multi-pack that it would show me what the price per item in that package would be.  It takes a lot of time to put all of the different variations of an item into my cart and then go back and figure out which one is actually the better deal per item.
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    I like to use the items purchased report to see what I've ordered in the past.  However, it does not include all of the information I need when replacing our office supply cabinet.  I would like to see when I last purchased the item, at what price ,and how much I ordered.  This would help me from searching through past invoices to find when an item was purchased and at what price. 

    Thank you,
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    We are looking to improve our Hot Deals page. What ideas do you have that will enhance your experience on the page?
    Posted by  Q_office to  Quill.com Website  on 6/10/2019
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    I'd like to see more benefits to the Quill Plus program. Thank you! 
    Posted by M&MElizabeth  to  Quill.com Website  on 6/14/2019
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    I would like to be able to see a complete overall analysis of each product i've purchased. For example, I'll purchase 2 cases of coffee one month, then 3 cases of coffee another month and maybe 4 cases a few months later.  I would like to click on the product (from the product page) and pull a report that shows: Each Transaction on a separate line including the Item purchased, purchase date, amount spent on that item, the cost I bought the product at (maybe they were on sale) and a total to current date reflecting the report information.
    Posted by RPHSPLGAL  to  Quill.com Website  on 6/14/2019
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    When purchasing an item, list cheaper items that are identical (like the Quill brand) so we are aware of more reasonably priced items.  Then have us click on the item we choose and it goes into the cart.
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    I would like to be able to add items to my cart and then save them for a few days until I'm ready to place my order.  I generally only order once a month but get requests from staff throughout the month.  I keep this in an Excel spreadsheet but if I could just an the item(s) to my cart when I look them up, knowing they'd be there days or weeks late, it would simplify my job.
    Posted by Elaineb  to  Quill.com Website  on 6/04/2014
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    Not an 'Auto Delivery' but a set future reorder 'date' option.  Example - We order '2 packs' of toner cartridges.  Sometimes an employee will take the 2nd 'new' cartridge out of the box and then toss the box back on the shelf (despite threatening signs all over the place lol!).   We'd like an option to load an item for a future order date so it will automatically get added to the cart.  We could load it at the time it is ordered or possibly at time that item is 'opened' etc.  The system should also warn us if that item is already scheduled for a future date.
    Posted by Jenny JCB  to  Quill.com Website  on 6/14/2019
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    Discontinued items should not be available during ordering.
    Please mark items discontinued when ordering because sometimes it is available to order, but then never ships, and then says discontinued after-the-fact (when order has already been placed and has went through). 
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    This may have been already suggested. However, I would like to see my most popular products that Ive ordered at the begining of my new order.

    More than likly, I am going to select those items right off the bat.

    This will save me time searching your site for items that I usally order each and everytime.

    Posted by St. Clair  to  Quill.com Website  on 5/21/2019
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    I would like to be able to create multiple shared carts.  We are a retailer with mutiple locations.  I would like to create a shared cart for each location.  
    Posted by Jeff M  to  Quill.com Website  on 4/06/2017
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    A smartphone app, so I can bring my phone into the supply room and scan bar codes of product I want to reorder for the week and they will go right into my cart and I can place my order on my regular day that I order.
    People can bring me the empty box and I can scan it on the spot and keep adding to my order all week when items run low.
    My "regular" or "most frequently purchased items" will be listed in a drop down and I can select those if need be and when I am ready to order, I can either order from my phone or go to my computer and finalize my order and submit it when I am ready.
    Staples business has this and I would love it if Quill had this option.  
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    Please remove items from the website that have discontinued for long time.  For example, item #: 901-908651 (the Febreze Plug Refill) can still be added to your cart.  However, when you proceed to the next screen, it states that the “Item Delivery- Discontinued”


    Posted by Gia@Greenstreet  to  Quill.com Website  on 3/01/2019
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    We are looking for ways that we can improve your ability to manage your shopping cart and enhance your checkout process. What are you ideas for us?

    Comment below!

    Quill Ideas Team
    Posted by  Q_office to  Quill.com Website  on 2/26/2019
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    CHANGE IT BACK!  It was awesome to be able to scroll down through the list of orders and SEE what you had ordered.  It was great for reordering, or checking on orders, you could SEE the item you had ordered.  As it is now, you get a list of order numbers and amounts and dates.  NOT VERY HELPFUL at all....and it takes forever to click on an order number and wait for it to load.   I could have scrolled through the old list half a dozen times over already.

    PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!  Or at least give us an option to include the pictures again.
    Posted by Sizemore  to  Quill.com Website  on 10/14/2014
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Your Ideas. Your Vote. Your Voice. A Better Quill.com for Everyone

The path to a Quill.com that’s better for everyone starts with a single idea.  Quill Ideas was developed to give everyone a way to share thoughts and ideas that can make your workday easier. Whether you have an idea about products, services or an innovative way to improve your shopping experience, we want you to let us know.  Be part of the community and let your voice be heard. By working together, we will create the best Quill.com. 

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