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Bring back the samples

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  • Please bring back the samples. But, don't make it that you have to order $100.00 or more to take advantage. The $25.00 range was perfect. I tried out some garbage bags that weren't very thick and wouldn't work for us. I liked that there were multiple items that you could choose from however there has only been 1 item on the page. Posted by aqualogic to  Other Products and Services  on 6/06/2014
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Free Samples of Products instead of Food
Posted by Tencia  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 6/06/2014
More samples
Posted by 5604LS  to Other Products and Services on on 6/06/2014
Free Samples
Posted by Nichole  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 6/09/2014
Samples, Samples, Samples!
Posted by C21Beth  to Other Products and Services on on 6/10/2014
Surpise samples with order
Posted by mv12  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 6/16/2014
Samples on certain office products
Posted by sheilaarnold  to General Office Products on on 7/25/2014
More samples please!!!
Posted by dmann770  to Other Products and Services on on 7/25/2014
Free Samples
Posted by SFYLaw  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 8/26/2014
Free Samples
Posted by booksrgr8  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 9/23/2014
Posted by rusty  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 9/26/2014
Sample Center
Posted by lcatlett  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 9/26/2014
I like the sample boxes!! How about a box with cleaning products or FOOD!!
Posted by Boettchers  to Other Products and Services on on 9/26/2014
Sample Packs More Often
Posted by WTRF  to General Office Products on on 9/30/2014
Posted by JanRF  to Advertising and Marketing on on 10/22/2014
Free Samples of New Products
Posted by allij82  to General Office Products on on 10/22/2014
Sample us free!!
Posted by SandraO  to General Office Products on on 12/23/2014
Sample Center
Posted by kris3588  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 12/23/2014
Free Samples
Posted by sarah79  to General Office Products on on 1/29/2015
Posted by LizzyHdz  to Shipping and Returns on on 3/20/2015
Bring back free samples
Posted by SealingAgents  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 3/20/2015
More Samples
Posted by Office Admin  to General Office Products on on 3/20/2015
Free samples for certain items
Posted by S Adams  to General Office Products on on 3/20/2015
Free Samples
Posted by gabrielle  to Advertising and Marketing on on 3/20/2015
Coupons/ Free items
Posted by DA  to General Office Products on on 6/26/2015
Posted by Dore  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 6/26/2015
Free samples
Posted by hawaiigurl1160  to Advertising and Marketing on on 6/26/2015
samples and gift cards
Posted by Zahira & Edgardo  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 6/26/2015
Free samples and coupons, please
Posted by SuperMom  to Quill Ideas Website on on 6/26/2015
free gifts
Posted by shanna618  to Coffee / Water / Snacks on on 6/26/2015
free samples
Posted by greekmamaof2  to Quill.com Website on on 6/26/2015
Posted by tiger_rose88  to Coffee / Water / Snacks on on 6/27/2015
free samples
Posted by csmmommy  to Coffee / Water / Snacks on on 6/27/2015
Posted by dbrown  to Advertising and Marketing on on 6/27/2015
free samples of product with each sign up
Posted by mskandiwells  to General Office Products on on 6/27/2015
Giveaways and free samples
Posted by Reclaimedbeauty  to Advertising and Marketing on on 6/27/2015
Samples... for Quill Ideas
Posted by GinaFay  to Cleaning and Janitorial on on 6/27/2015
Samples For Business
Posted by jadenutt  to General Office Products on on 6/27/2015
Posted by TPiper  to Coffee / Water / Snacks on on 6/27/2015
Please more samples
Posted by Mandy101  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 6/28/2015
Posted by householdsix  to Coffee / Water / Snacks on on 6/28/2015
free samples
Posted by ginlynn  to Coffee / Water / Snacks on on 6/28/2015
Free samples of Products
Posted by Mommyof1  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 6/29/2015
Free samples
Posted by kim24549  to General Office Products on on 6/29/2015
Free samples
Posted by kimmie71  to General Office Products on on 6/29/2015
special events
Posted by moon  to Advertising and Marketing on on 6/29/2015
Posted by AbbyNoel  to Quill.com Website on on 7/01/2015
Posted by leelee  to Advertising and Marketing on on 7/01/2015
Free samples of cleaning supplies
Posted by stjohnsaltamont  to Cleaning and Janitorial on on 7/03/2015
Customized Sample Packs
Posted by UnivBookStore  to Other Experience Ideas on on 7/09/2015
Send Samples
Posted by TammyRubis  to General Office Products on on 11/13/2015
Samples of new products
Posted by dj75  to Advertising and Marketing on on 11/13/2015
Surprise Samples!
Posted by ChemGirl  to Other Experience Ideas on on 11/13/2015
Posted by Andrea89  to Pricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 11/13/2015
Samples with catalogs
Posted by kristiniskickin  to General Office Products on on 11/13/2015
Posted by Carlee  to Advertising and Marketing on on 11/13/2015
Posted by Whitney.Waterman  to Other Experience Ideas on on 11/13/2015
Posted by EVYBEAR  to Advertising and Marketing on on 11/13/2015
Posted by Jaclyn  to Other Experience Ideas on on 11/13/2015
Quill Samples
Posted by Heidi@WHMC  to Other Products and Services on on 11/13/2015
Send out food samples
Posted by Yenicel  to Coffee / Water / Snacks on on 11/13/2015
Posted by Tammy Carlisle  to Customer Service on on 11/16/2015
Posted by CrownPM  to Advertising and MarketingPricing / Discounts / Coupons on on 11/16/2015
Free Samples
Posted by KBO Farm  to General Office Products on on 11/23/2015
sample products
Posted by A.Smith  to Rewards and recognitionQuill.com WebsiteSearch / Browse on on 11/24/2015
Free Samples
Posted by Savy Shopper  to Advertising and Marketing on on 1/15/2016

Comments (36)

I would love the opportunity to receive free samples.  There are some Quill products that I would like to try (e.g., pencils), but that I am reluctant to order because I have received poor quality generic brands for these items from other companies. (Nothing as frustrating as a box of pencils or pens that barely work!) 

Demco occassionally offers free samples in their catalogs.  I don't think there is a dollar limit required to receive them, and they are limited to one free sample of each product per account.  This has been a great way for us to try book repair and book processing products.  Sometimes the samples have been for products that we have considered, but hadn't tried purchasing yet.  Some of the products were good, but not a great fit for us.  Other products make us look back and think "how did we manage before finding this?" :)
Posted on 4/29/2016

I would much rather have samples of products to try as well.  It may spark my interest and want to make me purchase the sampled product as well as my other purchases.
Posted on 4/29/2016

I completely agree, I miss the samples. They are a great way to try out products I don't normally use and find new favorites.
Posted on 2/08/2016

Please bring back the samples!!!
Posted on 2/04/2016

Please bring back samples, Especially for new products, I always get the blue box of samples froom 4imprint and samples from school specialties.  I haven't rec'd samples from quill in years and I am a regular custormer. 
Posted on 1/29/2016

I totally agree! Samples are the best way to go with any products! I normally test products for Companies and it's amazing how much you could sell by sampling! I'm new to Quill, but I do love your products so far! Keep up the good work!
Posted on 1/29/2016

I agree - sometimes you get a sample of something, and the next thing you know, you couldn't live without it and order it again and again!
Posted on 1/29/2016

The samples were a nice feature that we would like to see come back.
Posted on 1/29/2016

Samples are a great idea,that way we get an idea of whether it is something we like or can use
Posted on 1/29/2016

I would love to be able to get samples of products.  I purchase for a large firm and we tend to buy in bulk.  It would be much easier to buy products if they could be tested first 
Posted on 1/29/2016

I would love to see free samples come back.  I love it in the past.  This was where I found great pens and other office supplies that I still use.  Otherwise I would not have purchased them with out trying them out.  I miss them.  I always looked forward to the new catalog with the free samples to try. 
Posted on 1/29/2016

Samples are great. Even small supplies of a product. Just enough to get a feel for if the product would be good for use in your office. Thanks.
Posted on 1/29/2016

I agree.  I have gotten samples in the past of things I wouldn't have thought about ordering otherwise and liked them enough to keep ordering.
Posted on 1/29/2016

Everyone loves samples!  Bring them on!!!
Posted on 1/29/2016

Samples are great.  We use them to try new things and usually ends in a sale!  
Posted on 1/29/2016

I miss getting the samples! Some stuff you wouldn't think of buying/trying.
Posted on 1/29/2016

I like the idea of samples We are buying these products for our offices so a sample of a new pen or post its, ect would be great.

Posted on 1/29/2016

I love free samples and free gifts. Free things make you stand out from all the other companies.
Posted on 1/29/2016

Samples would be great!  It is nice to see/use a product before you purchase in larger quantities. I also purchase for others, so with samples they could get a better idea if they want the product before I order.
Posted on 1/29/2016

Yes! I miss this section! It was nice to try before buying!
Posted on 1/29/2016

Who doesn't love samples?
Posted on 8/26/2014

I like the free sampl idea, i get to try things out and have ended up ordering
Posted on 8/26/2014

I know I would buy more if I could sample something. I know that some items I order have to get approval from others, so having a sample to compare to our current product would be a nice way to go about that.
Posted on 7/28/2014

I miss the free samples as well.  I used to be able to get a free sample, try it for a few days and then show my boss, then we would make it a regularly purchased item.  Since we are a small business free samples work great, we can sample items and if we don't like them then we know we didnt waste our money...
Posted on 7/25/2014

I too, love the ideas of the samples.  The limit of one or two is good to me because it is a sample and many people forget the concept of what sample means.  They think it means the whole thing.
Posted on 7/18/2014

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